The Road to The Great North Run

by Elly

And so it begins...

A hopeful journey of sweat, blood and tears to attempt going from the Great North Run...

If you fancy following the ride there might be tales of laughter, misery, boys having fun, mummy being nuts....healthy eating, pigging out, of course a little wine ..but above all honesty of the true trials of a busy working mum trying to stay healthy and sane!! 

You might have days where you feel the same. 😊

I’ll include recipes to keep us and the family going strong and warm through the winter months, some quick and easy or some you can bung in and leave all day...but mostly just ways to save time and enjoy your family, work, food and life balance a tiny bit easier.

You never know I might learn how to juggle it all myself along the can only try. 😊 


Oh and these 3 monkeys might feature a little bit along the way.... 


Max and ted.jpg