Butchers in Cheshire

All of our meat products are aged and butchered on site from whole carcasses.

This enables us to stick to traditional practices and offer you a full choice of cuts to suit your culinary needs. As we prepare products in this way our meat comes in at the best price which is then passed on to our customers.

Lamb is sourced from North Wales along the Dee Valley from Bala to Llangollen through Corwen. Many of our lambs are grazed on protected SSSi land which is preserved to form some of the UK’s finest natural habitat.


Our beef cattle are from the same source in Corwen. Bought from local farmers, and guaranteed under 30months, with full traceability. Welsh Black, Charolais and Limousin are just some of the breeds used.

Choice cuts – Sirloin, Rump, Rib and Fillet are all matured for a minimum of 21days.


We started to rear our own pigs in 2008 using traditional breeds Gloucester Old Spot crossed with Middle Whites.

This particular crossing, combined with slow rearing, gives the meat tenderness and great flavour. Masseys of Holmes Chapel supply the feed which is then mixed with Brewers Grain from local breweries.

We only rear a small herd of pigs, all of our other pork comes from long standing trusted Cheshire suppliers who we have dealt with for many years.


Birds are sourced from Cheshire and Shropshire, all are RSPCA standard and carry the Red Tractor guarantee – an indication of quality and origin. Chickens are sold whole and also cut on site to provide portions, fillets, thighs and drumsticks. This method provides our customers with a wider choice of chicken cuts, for example, boneless thighs, skin on or off – we also offer an extensive choice of marinades, gluten free available.